Objects of unidentified migrants found dead in the Evros river.

new series
28 November 2018
Oxfam Italia campaign

Rocco has produced one documentary video to launch a new campaign by Oxfam Italia.

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1 October 2018
Residency in Soliera (MO)

For a week, Rocco and Simone held a residence for young photographers in Soliera (MO).

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3 August 2018
"Buscando a Bolivar" won the Landskrona Foto Dummy Book Award 2018

Pietro Paolini's dummy "Buscando a Bolivar" won the Landskrona Foto Dummy Book Award 2018.

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16 April 2018
Earthquake in Central Italy webdoc

"La Repubblica" website featured a special page on the project, 600 days after it happened.

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Portfolio focus

Resilient schools

Although more than a third of the Italian territory consists of mountains, there are no policies to manage these disadvantaged areas, which show a constant rate of population decline. Rural schools are a way to keep communities alive.

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