Looking for a JOb

The new series from the latest long term project by Michele Borzoni

New feature
11 February 2016
Work in progress

Michele is in Milan continuing his project about work in Italy.

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11 February 2016
New corporate portfolios

We've added some new corporate galleries in the portfolio section.

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4 February 2016
"Caso colectivo 11.227" exhibition in Torino

"Caso colectivo 11.227" by Pietro Paolini is exhibited at JEST in Torino from 28/01/16 to 08/02/16.

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28 January 2016
Back on the road #2

Simone and Pietro are working in Calabria and Piemonte to produce new images for the TP 10th anniversary project.

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Portfolio focus

Trans Europe Migration

In 2015, more than 1 million refugees and migrants crossed into Europe by sea, majority of them coming from war-torn Syria: their destination Germany and northern Europe. Rocco Rorandelli followed their trail taking aerial photography to visually depict migrations as a natural human action.

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