31 March 2020


"Epidemic diseases are not random events that afflict societies capriciously and without warning. On the contrary, every society produces its own specific vulnerabilities. To study them is to understand that society’s structure, its standard of living, and its political priorities.
Frank M. Snowden “Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present”

For the last month, the pandemic has forced us to stay home, living a collective effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus. What is our role – and responsibility – as documentary photographers in a time of physical distancing? How to enter the homes and tell the lives of our subjects?

We decided to open ourselves to the possibility of experimenting, of exploring different languages and ways of taking photographs: everything will be homemade. As to tell what happens beyond our sight, we sat in front of our screens.

During this lockdown, we will keep collecting and share an archive of images gathered through different channels, which will guide our reflection on the period we are experiencing, in the effort to document how our society is adapting to the shift in our relationships when asked to be distant from each other. We sat in front of a mirror. Strictly homemade.