21 January 2012

Exhibition at EGO Gallery

NoNoise by Pietro Paolini - January, 27th - March, 10th

The launch of Ego gallery will be held at Via Luigi Canonica 9, in Lugano, on Friday 27 January 2012, beginning at 17:30. On the occasion of the opening of the gallery the NoNoise exhibition by the young Florentine photographer, Pietro Paolini, will be opened to the public.
The NoNoise photographic series fits into this context: its theme, in fact, is reflections on communication linked to the urban context where the artist is from: Florence, the city of the renaissance, known throughout the world for its art and architecture.

In today’s Florence the strong and justified tendency to preserve its artistic riches, translates into an attempt at total control of the urban aesthetic. This is why in recent years the fight against street art, graffiti and wall writing has intensified, notwithstanding the fact that Florence is not an Italian city that has been parti-cularly affected by the phenomenon. The covering over of these works in the urban space follows the reasoning that they must be eliminated as fast as possible and not that the original state of the wall must be carefully restored. In the imagination of Pietro Paolini, the stains of coloured paint that are superimposed and that fit together on the walls of the city are transformed in reality into a new mural work, into a new level of communication. They could appear to be the work of a new and very prolific conceptual artist, whose work is expressed with discretion in a progressive and determined addition of layers.
In some works, the photographer becomes an active part of this silent urban battle. Interacting with the structures of commercial communication, where the great advertising panels invade the space, forming and modifying the common visual and cultural image, the need of the artist takes shape in pictures for a visual neutrality, for a unusual silence in the urban landscape. In this way photography becomes an instrument for the construction of a personal and lively imagination in he context of the visual war of the modern city. An instrument for the defence of one’s own imagination and expression.