13 May 2010

E.CO. exhibition in Madrid

"Friendly Fire - back to the Balkans" will be exhibited in the "Old tobacco factory" of Madrid. Opening May 13th @ 20h, in Embajadores Street, 53. The show will stay until July 11th.
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From May 13th to 18th TerraProject will be first in Madrid and then in Soria for the E.CO, meeting of Euroamerican photographic collectives.
Download the full program here.

Friendly Fire - Back to the Balkans is a journey into the landscapes of Bosnia and Kosovo bombed with Depleted Uranium weapons by the NATO forces during the 1995 and 1999 Balkan wars. The project was produced for the E.CO meeting thanks to the support of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Friendly Fire - back to the Balkans