8 December 2019

Upcoming presentations and talks

This is a post that is regularly updated about the collective’s upcoming book presentations and photography talks:

Past presentations:
- Florence, January 25th, 6.30pm "BITTER LEAVES" book presentation with Rocco Rorandelli and Paolo Woods at Fondazione Studio Marangoni
- Bari, December 4th, 7pm, "WORKFORCE" and "BITTER LEAVES" at Prinz Zaum
- Rome, November 21st, 6:30pm, "BITTER LEAVES" book presentation with Stefano Liberti @ Officine Fotografiche, Via Libetta
- Turin, November 15th, 7pm, "LAND INC." talk @ Scuola Holden with Giulia Sonetti, organized by PHOM
- Turin, November 14th, 6:30pm, "BITTER LEAVES" book presentation @ Spazio B / Libreria Bodoni, via Carlo Alberto 41
- Bologna, November 13th, 6pm,"WORKFORCE" book presentation with Roberta Carlini @ MAST auditorium
- Milan, November 13th, 6pm, "BITTER LEAVES" book presentation with Francesco Prisco @ Forma Meravigli, Via Meravigli, 5
- Paris Photo, November 9th, 3.30pm, "WORKFORCE" book signing at L'Artiere editions, Booth SE25 @ Grand Palais
- Paris Photo, November 8th, 5pm "BITTER LEAVES" book signing @ Polycopies, GOST books table