Simone Donati


Hotel Immagine

Italia, 2009-2015

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From politics to religion, going from music, sport and television, between 2009 and 2015 Simone Donati crossed his country in search of myths and icons of the Italian contemporary imaginary. This project, which became a self-published book in 2015, provides a glimpse into the Italian society with an ironic but also purely documentary look.

Hotel Immagine

Since early 2009 I have started looking into mass events where heterogeneous communities show similar patterns of behaviour. Travelling around the peninsula in search of myths and icons of the contemporary imaginary, and participating in the most oddly assorted events, I understood how my country is the most grotesque, funny, naïve and fanatic to live in and to photograph.
I searched for what drives people to aggregate to pursue a personal interest, which in the representation on stages, real or ideal, becomes collective