The town of San Giovanni Rotondo, in the southern region of Italy, Puglia, is home of one of the biggest and popular religious cult, the worship of Padre Pio. 

Padre Pio cult

He was born Francesco Forgione, and given the name Pio when he joined the Capuchins; then was popularly known as Padre Pio after his ordination to the priesthood.
He became famous for his stigmata, bodily marks, pain and bleeding in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ. After his death in 1968 he was declared Saint in 2002.
Padre Pio has become one of the world's most popular saints. There are more than 3,000 "Padre Pio Prayer Groups" worldwide, with three million members. There are parishes dedicated to Padre Pio in Vineland, New Jersey and Sydney, Australia. A 2006 survey by the magazine Famiglia Cristiana found that more Italian Catholics pray to Padre Pio than to any other figure.