Simone Donati



A commission for ICCD - Central Institute for Catalogue and Documentation - Ministry of Culture

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This work stems from the desire to tell examples of people who have decided to stay and live in Val d'Agri, province of Potenza, investing resources and energy for the area.


The area, including a series of Municipalities around that of Grumento Nova, was identified by ICCD, the Central Institute for Catalogue and Documentation, for the PON project "Digital Itineraries".

As the anthropologist Vito Teti recounts in many of his texts, once there was the sacrifice of the emigrant, now instead there is the sacrifice of those who remain. Today young people believe in other models and lifestyles and that these places can be livable again. The myth of elsewhere as paradise is over. Teti talks about what he calls the "ethics of remaining" and how it is measured against the arrival of others, with the safekeeping of one's place of belonging, with the need to have respect, new attentions and a particular sensitivity for places.

In the first half of 2022 I met some of these young people who are working hard to carry on their own business, the result of past generations or their business idea. From agriculture to pastoralism, from services to tourism and culture, the result is a series of portraits, which dialogue with small and large landscapes of the area involved.