Dove finisce il lago - Where the lake ends

Our latest commission for MAG Museum in Riva del Garda, curated by Giovanna Calvenzi

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A commission by MAG - Museo dell’Alto Garda to document the geographical and social landscape around the Garda Lake.

Dove finisce il lago - Where the lake ends

This collective work was firstly guided by the distance from the lake, often the only element in a stereotyped narrative. We were instead attracted by the mountains, the warehouses, the peripheric shopping centers and urban gardens, the school desks. The lake - yes, there is that too - is an integral part of this whole that constitutes the territory of investigation, but it remains deliberately distant, only mentioned, shifting the balance of the narrative beyond the most renowned places.

Second element of orientation, the people who live and animate the territory. Not the tourists, but the faces of those who give identity to the valley and the mountains surrounding Riva del Garda.

Through the union of these elements — the intricate geography of the territory and the serendipitous or intentional encounters with its inhabitants — emerges the project we present here.

The work was carried out jointly by the members of the collective and constitutes an archive of images that attempts to report the complexity and depth of the geographical and social reality of the territory. In doing so, we do not wish to build an encyclopedia of all those who live there, nor even compile a Baedeker of the place, but rather lead the viewer by the hand into our personal labyrinth of suggestions.

This project was made possible through the invaluable assistance of Giovanna Calvenzi, curator, and Matteo Rapanà, director of MAG Museum.