March 17th, 2011, marks the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.
At the time, the new national entity faced immediate issues on the basis of the methods utilized to acquire its novel state, and today these same methods are still questioned and put under scrutiny. The unification of Italy formed a varied and diverse State which still nowadays presents colliding elements. 

Italy's extremes

Far from the contemporary revisionistical fashion, or the fuss of the Italian political charade, our collective, very active in portraying the social geography of its country, has completed a geographical and social survey on the four geographical extremes of Italy on assignment for Le Monde Magazine. Through this simple pretext, our images investigate specific issues such as national identity, immigration, independentist movements, the gap between South and North, and elements of everyday life.

North: Predoi
East: Otranto
South: Lampedusa
West: Asinara