Michele Borzoni


Food Logistics Centres

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Large surfaces dedicated to the handling of products in the agri-food sector in Emilia.

Food Logistics Centres

The region's agri-food sector is one of the driving forces of the economy on a regional and national scale. The infrastructures of large-scale distribution contribute to the occupation of large surfaces along the major communication arteries of central Emilia. These logistics centres have to do with the movement and storage of goods and products and have become of primary importance for large-scale distribution, supplying shops in regions that are also very distant, from hyper stores to small city markets. In recent years, the control and rationalization of logistics have assumed a strategic role for the entire agri-food system and for perishable products in particular. The “time” factor becomes the main variable, with a commercial time that must take into account the biological time of agriculture. Food Logistics Centres is a project that visually explores the factories that move and work behind the supermarket shelves. It is a research on the spaces and time of large-scale distribution. 

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