Pietro Paolini


La Revoluciòn Bonita

Venezuela 2004/2007

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The process happened in Venezuela, the "Revolucion Bolivariana", started in 1998 with the electoral victory of the Colonel Hugo Chàvez Frìas. He promoted a political doctrine of democratic socialism and Latin American integration. Hugo Chàvez was a complicated contemporary figure: his politic was a mix of revolution, populism, authoritarianism and new global instances.

La Revoluciòn Bonita

The real soul of the Venezuelan experience was represented by the people organization; the constitution of 1999 contemplate the articulation of each community in self-sufficient entities able to play an active role.

Chavez and the Bolivarian Movement were able to share a sense of identity, of belonging and organization to a multitude of powers until then broken and incapable of feeling like a political alternative. This body of work was produced during various years into the center of the Bolivarian revolution, Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. A city full of contradictions, where fear and hope dance together on passionate latin rhythms.