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Bolivia 2009-2011

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A journey through the Bolivia of Evo Morales. 2009-2011


In December 2005 Juan Evo Morales Ayma won the election, for the first time in the history of South America an indigenous candidate become the president of the republic, and for the first time in Bolivia a president is elected with more than 50% of votes.

Morales began his political journey as the leader of the "cocalero" movement fighting for the rights of the Bolivian coca growers. The main goal of his politics is to rise to power and integrating the native communities of the country. The native indigenous people are the absolute majority of the population and marginalized from political life.

Bolivia is in the heart of South America, a chaos composed by infinite plateau, salt deserts, rain forests, steppes and hills; 36 indigenous ethnic groups are a part of the population of this country rich with ancestral traditions and contemporary spurs.

After the referendum that has ratified the new constitution, in December 2009 Morales was re-elected for the second time with the 64% of votes.

These images represent a survey through the country, in this moment of change in popular consciousness, without knowing how will be in the future, but with the firm belief that they will not be able to turn back.