1 October 2018

Residency in Soliera (MO)

For a week, Rocco and Simone held a residence for young photographers in Soliera (MO). The residency was promoted by the association Centro Studi Storici Solieresi, in collaboration with the Campori Foundation, with the support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi Foundation and the patronage of the Municipality of Soliera.
The participants worked on the territory of Soliera covering a wide range of topics and photographic styles, resulting in a fascinating portrait of the region .

© Samantha Azzani
© Cosimo Calabrese
© Alessandra Carosi
© Umberto Coa
© Nicola Dipierro
© Karim El Maktafi
© Simone Mizzotti
© Mattia Panunzio
© Luana Rigolli
© Irene Tondelli