Terraproject Collective

TerraProject Photographers is a collective of documentary photographers founded in Italy in 2006.
Its members are Michele Borzoni, Simone Donati, Pietro Paolini and Rocco Rorandelli.

With an eye on both the Italian reality and the most relevant social and environmental issues, the members of TerraProject have produced numerous individual and group projects, experimenting with an original collective writing approach.
TerraProject produces stories and essays for the editorial market as well as corporate clients and fine art.

The works of the collective have been published in the pages of the most important international magazines, including Der Spiegel, Financial Times Magazine, GEO, Le Monde Magazine, Monocle, Newsweek, Paris Match, Stern, Time, The Wall Street Journal and, in Italy, on D La Repubblica, Internazionale, Io Donna, L'Espresso, Sportweek and Vanity Fair.

Their works have been exhibited in various prestigious venues around the world and the collective's members have been guests of numerous international photo festivals.
TerraProject photographers have received many prestigious international awards including the World Press Photo (2010 and 2012), the Canon Prize (2010), the Pesaresi award for Contemporary Photograohy (2013) and Graziadei Award (2014).

Selected works