Security landscape

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Currently, landscape is recognized as a cultural asset with an identity character, the result of the perception of the population. From this point of view, the landscape is a social product and does not represent a static, but a dynamic good. Based on these characteristics, landscape is always related to the human action. 

Security landscape

Landscape is also a powerful language: there is no landscape without a representation of it. There is therefore a sort of continuous exchange: humans changes the landscape and the landscape changes humans. By observing with attention and sensitivity the signs impressed by anthropic activities on a country, it is possible to understand many things about the character of its inhabitants, their habits, their way of understanding the organization of spaces and of life itself.

The visual investigation that TerraProject has carried out concerns the relationship between threats to security in contemporary European society and changes in the urban landscape.

As threats and fears multiply, concrete actions to reduce risks or their perception become part of the collective imagination. Signs, barriers and conventions become a solid part of urban landscapes within countries that according to recent data are actually increasingly secure. What does the landscape we have built express? What message will we leave to future generations through it? These are some of the questions that arise in front of the "Security Landscape”.

Photos have been take in Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Pisa.

The work is also available as a virtual exhibition.