Simone Donati

"Respect and sensitivity". When I photograph, my desire is to narrate the subjects and places of my visual stories with the same respect and humanity that I would like to be treated with.

Simone Donati's photographic work primarily focuses on Italy, a place he deeply understands and knows how to depict. While initially the objective of his visual narrative was the political and social scene, he later started focussing on the landscape of the interior regions of Italy and the people inhabiting them. The result is the book "Varco Appennino", where he presents four years of exploration of the Italian southern Apennines. The distinctive stylistic feature of Simone’s long-term projects - a more contemplative, deep documentary approach - is in contrast with today’s fast-paced photography.
Simone lives in Florence.

"Varco Appenino", 2021, Witty Books
"Hotel Immagine", 2015, Self-published

ICCD - Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione, Roma

PUBLICATIONS (selection)
Internazionale, Io Donna, La Repubblica, L'Espresso, Le Monde Magazine, Newsweek Japan, Smithsonian Magazine, The Washington Post, Sette, Vanity Fair.

EXHIBITIONS (selection)
Cortona on the Move; MAST Bologna; DOCfield, Barcelona; Complesso del Vittoriano, Roma; SiFest, Savignano sul Rubicone (FC); Backlight festival, Tampere, Finland.

Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Firenze; Linea School, Lecce; LABA, Firenze; Accademia Italiana, Firenze.

+39 380 7328595

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