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Four years of work exploring the Italian territory and its relationship with human society.

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“4” is an interpretation of the country's territory along less known visual routes. By utilizing the metaphor offered by the four classical elements, the photographers present four chapter, each dealing with a specific theme. 

4 - Photo gallery

The chapter Water documents the alarming anthropization of the 7400 kilometers of coast of the country. Land revisits the long term scars left by 5 of the main earthquakes of the last 40 years. The chapter Air is a visual investigation of the most polluted industrial towns of Italy. And finally the chapter Fire focuses on the four active volcanos in the country, a unique environment of fragile coexistence between humans and nature.

The stylistic approach utilized in the work follows the dogma of experimental uniformity characteristic of the collective, so that the work, although photographed by four different authors, is highly homogeneous.