9 June 2016

"The two halves" by Pietro Paolini exhibited at Benaki Museum

"The two halves" the series produced in Venezuela by Pietro Paolini will be exhibited at Benaki Museum during the Athens Photo Festival 2016.
The exhibition will be open from Thursday 9 June to Sunday 31 July.

This year’s main theme, under the title [mis/dis]placed, is aimed at investigating how collective consciousness and individual identity and position are shaped, in relation to the fast-changing global situation, intertwining both politics and poetics. In particular, it is interested in raising questions about the prevailing notions of place and memory as fundamental elements of identity formation while reassessing the role that the means of visualizing can play within these concepts.

UNSTABLE FIELDS // Maxim Dondyuk (UA), Nick Hannes (BE), Martin Kollar (SK), Dimitris Michalakis (GR), Pietro Paolini (IT), Emine Gozde Sevim (TK), Miriam Stanke (DE), Issa Touma (SY), Panos Tsagaris (GR) · Apostolos Zerdevas (GR).