2 April 2016

Land Inc. - the book

TerraProject and PictureTank are very excited to introduce the presale campaign of “Land Inc.”, a book project done in collaboration with journalist Cécile Cazenave to be published by Editions Intervalles in Fall 2016. The book, with two editions in English and French languages, curated and designed by Mónica Santos, includes infographics by Studioburo.
Cooperative PictureTank and Philippe Deblauwe have an active role in supporting and coordinating the production of the book.
The work traces a photographic journey across Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar, the Philippines and Ukraine to document land grabbing and the growing investments in industrial farming.
Pre-order one or more copies now and benefit from special discounts and rewards.
Take a look at the presale page on IndieGoGo here.

Land Inc Book - Presale Campaign

More info about the project can be found in the dedicated page here.

Book cover