24 April 2016

Landmines of Kosovo

Rocco Rorandelli just returned from Kosovo where he started his project on minefields and the victims of landmines in the territories of former Yugoslavia. Kosovo was declared landmines-free in 2001, with a premature spur of contagious optimism. Today, more than 15 years after the conflict, last stage of the dramatic dissolution of Yugoslavia, there are still 130 minefields to be cleared. A painstakingly slow process which involves today about 260 deminers. Optimists think it will still take 10 years to remove the last landmine from Kosovo.

Rocco's project involves a series of images: aerial views of landscapes of minefields, portraits of victims of mines, and still-life of prostheses and of exploded landmines found in the fields.

The project is done with the support of Caritas Italiana and Caritas Kosovo, and with the collaboration of others Caritas of South East Europe. The plan is to finish the work by July and organize an exhibition in September in Pristina.