Rocco Rorandelli


AT Schweiz 73-23

Book published by AT Schweiz to celebrate 50 years of the association.

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The latest book by Rocco Rorandelli is a wide documentation of the tobacco industry in the world, with special attention to the situation in Switzerland, with a set of images gathered in 2023 on lobbying, marketing, advertising and electronic cigarettes.

AT Schweiz 73-23

AT Schweiz 73-23 has been published by AT Schweiz, the Swiss Association for tobacco prevention, to celebrate 50 years since its foundation in 1973. Designed by Fiorenza Pinna, it includes a series of texts in both French and German and infographics. Rocco has curated the entire project, from adding a new set of images taken in Switzerland to managing the team of designers, writers, printers.


AT Schweiz 73-23

160 pages / 16,5 x 24 cm

500 copies / Hardcover

French and German

Text by Hugo Molineaux

Design and edit by Fiorenza Pinna

Infographics by Leonardo Spina

Photographs: © RoccoRorandelli/TerraProject

Printed in August 2023 by Grafiche Veneziane