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Made in Italy

Marijuana plantations and drug import in the South

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Southern Italy is today a crucial crossroad for the cultivation of marijuana and entry of heavy drugs, making Italy the first producer of illegal marijuana and the main hotspot for the arrival into Europe of heavy drugs.

Made in Italy

Calabria, Puglia and Campania are the most important regions in Italy for the cultivation of marijuana, with cannabis plantations hidden in the remote, mountainous hinterland, and a consolidated network of dealers. 'Ndrangheta, Camorra and other mafia groups from these regions, are responsible for hiring locals to cultivate the plants. Intermediaries then buy the leaves and market the derivates. This activities run parallel to the multi-billions dollar worth business of drug import from Mexico and Colombia – for cocaine – and Morocco and Albania – for hashish. Some ports in the regions - partially under mafia cartels - are used to facilitate the entry of drugs. Several police bodies are on the lookout to identify and neutralize production areas and marketing routes.